Our Great Ocean Road  I AM YOUR AMBASSADOR famil program was launched in October 2018 as a pilot rewards program for our front-line industry ambassadors.

Visitor Information Centre Staff and Volunteers are a valuable resource to our industry and their recommendations and referrals promote local business partners and increase visitor spend in our region.  We have facilitated an exclusive offer program for our staff and volunteers to encourage familiarisation of new and different products across the region by offering them a discounted or free experience.

259 discount cards have been issued to VIC staff and volunteers in our region.  If your business would like to be involved so that you can benefit from first-hand recommendations please contact Jo Birley on 0448 448 666 or [email protected]Explore the program web page and current offers here

Information for operators considering participating in the rewards program:

  • The cards themselves are recognisable with the I AM YOUR AMBASSADOR logo in black on white on the front of the card.

  • Each cardholder will have their name and where they work/volunteer printed on the card so you participating businesses have the opportunity to record this and  have the right to request photo ID to ensure their name matches the name on the card.  Operators can also ring through to the VIC they work/volunteer at to check their work status. https://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au/visitor-information-centres/
  • You can change or remove your offer at any time, however; Please note the conditions state that anything published is current so it is up to the business operator to ensure this is correct and getting in touch with us immediately if they wish to remove or change and offer.
  • 259 discount cards have already been issued to Volunteers and Staff at all VICs within our regional network.  We are looking to extend this to Information centres in neighbouring regions and to Clef Dors Concierges at Melbourne Hotels.   We will not be providing these cards to bloggers or any media however if a person or group is considered by GORRT and the Regional VIC Network a valid ambassador who will provide benefit to a business by making recommendations then we may provide them with a card.