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Apollo Bay is the largest coastal settlement in Colac Otway Shire.  The smaller coastal townships of Skenes Creek and Marengo sit close by to the East and West of Apollo Bay. Surrounded by the Great Otway National Park, the large bay is home to one of only a few working fishing harbour’s in Victoria. Today it thrives on the visitor economy and is a popular stop for lunch or overnight stays for those travelling the Great Ocean Road. Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism have a commercial partnership with the Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce, who represent the local visitor economy.  

The Apollo Bay Brand

Apollo Bay is proof of the beauty in simplicity. It’s about taking a step back and appreciating the view from where you stand. Fresh air, fresh seafood, and the sound of the sea. 

We’re a place that likes the simple pleasures in life. We’re about the sound of the waves, the colours of the rainforest at sunset, the taste of a fish just pulled from the ocean. When you live here, it’s hard not to be laid-back. 

Destination Partnership

A commercial destination partnership is in place between Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism and the Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce Inc. 20% of investment from Apollo Bay businesses in the Great Ocean Road official marketing program is made available for the Apollo bay Chamber of Commerce to spend on local visitor economy objectives.

Strategic Priorities



  • Advocate for the development of a greater range of activities, products and enhanced services.


  • Promote Apollo Bay with consistent brand messaging and product development including events.


  • Promote and capitalise on the opportunity to connect the community and visitors through stories shared first-hand or interpretive experiences.


  • Strong advocacy led by the Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce on key issues impacting business/community, with an emphasis on communicating the value of tourism to the community.


Reference Apollo Bay Destination Action Plan 2018 – 2020

Destination Action Plan

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