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Port Fairy is located in the municipality of Moyne Shire, which is known for its rolling green pastures and the dairy industry.  Port Fairy has a long maritime history and was once one of Australia’s largest ports and began as a whaling village in the mid 1800’s.  With many fine examples of 19th century architecture and more than 50 buildings classified by the National Trust, Port Fairy is the perfect holiday spot for history buffs.  

Port Fairy Tourism Inc. represents tourism operators in the popular holiday village now known for its liveability, great retail and dining offering and vibrant events calendar which includes the long running Port Fairy Folk Festival.   

The Port Fairy Brand


Port Fairy offers an unspoilt fishing village infused by the passion and energy of a community dedicated to artistic expression, where surprising experiences can be discovered around every corner, and where visitors can reconnect with the simple pleasures of life, leaving them feeling inspired and rejuvenated. 

We are a place where people rise with the sun to get in a morning ride before the day begins. Where old friends meet and new friends are made at the cafe window. Where hours are whiled away poking around markets and finding a handmade treasure is a given. We’re a place that walks to the beat of its own drum with the kind of rhythm that lingers long after the festival finishes. 


Strategic Priorities


  • Ensuring a strong and sustainable local tourism association continues to drive cooperation and positive outcomes from the visitor economy of Port Fairy.


  • Improve seasonal and geographic dispersal.


  • Develop and maintain infrastructure, product & experiences to match visitor demand, and complement the brand positioning of Port Fairy.


  • Drawing on iconic landscapes, sites and buildings to embed the rich history and stories into our narrative, new products and experience development.


  • Build visitor servicing tools to support a whole of community, connected approach to, growing length of stay, dispersal and visitor satisfaction.


  • Foster a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to growing the visitor economy.

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