About Lorne


Lorne is located on the Great Ocean Road in the Surf Coast Shire.  A well known holiday destination and historically significant, Lorne’s infamous pier, access to Otways rainforest and waterfalls and significant annual events such as the Falls Festival and Pier to Pub ocean swim make it a popular destination, within 2 hours of the Melbourne CBD. 

Lorne Business and Tourism Association is the representative body for the local visitor economy and have a commercial partnership with Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism. 


The Lorne Brand


Lorne is a story of romance and reconnection. It’s about being enveloped by art and inspired by nature. It’s about returning to the nostalgia of a place you’ve loved since you were a child. 

It’s about etching memories that will stand the same test of time.

We’re a place that people return to, an endless romance with nature and culture. Where the rich cafe culture is set against an ocean backdrop. Where art is just part of the landscape and one only needs to take a walk through the rainforest to find inspiration. We are a place for loved ones to reconnect.

Destination Partnership


A commercial destination partnership is in place between Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism and the Lorne Business and Tourism Association. 20% of investment from Lorne businesses in the Great Ocean Road official marketing program is made available for Lorne Business and Tourism Association to spend on local visitor economy objectives. 


Strategic Priorities


  • Develop a seamless visitor service excellence culture, capacity and capability.
  • Develop Lorne as a destination of all seasons.
  • Further develop and promote the ‘Love Lorne’ market positioning and brand identity.
  • Develop an Events Plan for Lorne.
  • Develop a Business Events & Conferencing Plan for Lorne.
  • Investigate the value of the weddings market for Lorne.
  • Manage for longer term visitor growth to provide for a sustainable destination.
  • Develop and implement a risk management plan.

Reference Lorne Destination Action Plan 2015 – 2017

Destination Action Plan

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Lorne Destination Website

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