Volcanic Lakes & Plains

About Volcanic Lakes & Plains

The Volcanic Lakes and Plains destination centres around the Corangamite Shire but incorporates the other local government municipalities of Moyne, Ararat, Southern Grampians and Colac Otway. 

From Beeac and Skipton in the East through to Tower Hill and Budj Bim in the West, the landscape is dominated by dormant volcanoes, crater lakes and evidence of ancient lava flows. The Volcanic Lakes and Plains branding, and marketing project is a true collaboration recognising that the visitor does not see statutory boundaries. 

The Volcanic Lakes & Plains Brand

We are a place where history is traced throughout the landscape. Our charming ways will win you over, whether it’s a cup of tea and a scone or a cold one at the bar, we will tell the stories that are reflected in the lakes, the rolling hills. There is treasure for everyone. From a memory ignited by a trinket discovered, or the catch of the day sought from the deepest lake, or a story told.

Strategic Priorities


  • Develop local leadership and collaboration

  • Destination marketing

  • Visitor servicing development

  • Destination development

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