The Great Sleepover Toolkit




It’s time to invite your friends, family, past guests back.
All those that have been, loved and have missed the region as much as we’ve missed them.

The Great Sleepover campaign encourages locals and industry partners like yourselves to invite the people you’ve missed most, back to visit our region and stay for a sleepover. 

We have lots of marketing activity planned:


  • Direct mail
  • Print
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Digital advertising; and
  • Content partnerships
…and we want you to join in and help encourage your customers to Wake Up to the Great Ocean Road
Our Marketing Manager, Lee Malady shares the details of our #thegreatsleepover campaign in the video below:

Now it’s time for you to get involved!

Here’s how in just 4 steps

Step 1. Got your own database? …Email activation!
Tell your own customers you’re missing them by inviting them back!
Simply download your invitation below, put in your own personal details and send it to your own customer database. You can even insert a retail offer!

Or if you have your own email marketing system and want to create your own marketing invitation click here for campaign logos and images.

You can even inspire your visitors to stay longer by linking to one of our blogs:

You can find more blogs and road trips to link to on our website:

Step 2. Help us go viral

Help us amplify the message and extend your own Facebook and Instagram reach by posting one of our 15 second videos to your own social media channels. 

Simply download the videos below and tag us @visitgreatoceanroad #thegreatsleepover 

Download our 30 sec video for social media
Download our 15 sec video for social media

Keep your eyes peeled on our @visitgreatoceanroad Instagram page for Great Ocean Road filters and quizzes. 

You can also access our campaign image library and destination specific logos here. Why not use these assets to give your own website and social media pages a refresh.

Step 3. Something fun

Are you following us on Spotify? 
We have put together some fun destination inspired road trip playlists. Check them out on your next road trip and tell your customers about them!

Listen to the playlist

Step 4. Submit your retail offer & give visitors a reason to visit now
All campaign traffic will be directed to our campaign landing page so make sure your business is featured.

Simply submit your retail offer here.

PS…. Because you live in our region you have probably also received our Great Sleepover Postcard Packs!

So don’t forget your own friends & family and get sending. Pick four of your nearest and dearest and invite them on down to visit. Better still, plan a trip and explore the region with them.

Our region takes in the views and experiences from Torquay to the South Australian border and we’re sure there’s a beach, mountain, lake, volcano, feast, waterfall, or walk that should be on your bucket list!

So please support this campaign and encourage your loved ones to wake up to the wonder of our region and  its breath taking landscapes.

After all, your absence makes the heart grow fonder, but your presence makes our region grow stronger. 

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ here or contact Lee Malady [email protected]