Otways operator Lizzie Corke won an Order of Australia on Australia Day for her long service to conservation and environment.

Lizzie and her partner Shayne Neal co-founded the Conservation Ecology Centre and run the advanced ecotourism certified Great Ocean Ecolodge. They are about to open a new attraction – Wildlife Wonders.

“I am delighted to accept this award and gratefully acknowledge the enthusiasm, expertise and unwavering support of the people who make up our team at the Conservation Ecology Centre,” says Lizzie.

“The Otways are home to many species which have been lost from other places and the ecosystems here provide an important haven to help secure their long-term survival.

“As we’ve seen bushfires devastate huge areas of this beautiful country this summer, it’s likely the Otways will play an important role in securing populations of some of our most iconic species, such as the koala, and other elusive but very important species, such as the quolls, potoroos and bandicoots.”

Lizzie is a former director of Ecotourism Australia.

Source: Ecotourism Australia