Key messages for visitors

    • This is peak visitor season, allow extra time to visit the region
    • Obey Traffic management signs and take extra care on the roads
    • Overnight stays allow you to see more
    • Book your accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment as some destinations may be heavily booked
    • Visitor Information Centres can assist you in planning your journey
    • There are a number of routes to access the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles
    • Include lots of stops to break up your journey

Translation below if you want to include in your own notes to visitors:

  • 春节是大洋路的旅游高峰期,请您安排更多的时间来出行
  • 请遵守当地交通管理标志,格外小心驾驶
  • 住宿一晚可以让您更好的感受大洋路区域
  • 某些热门目的地住宿会被订光,请提前安排预定您的住宿
  • 当地的游客中心有更多目的地旅游、餐饮和住宿信息,可以帮您更好的规划行程
  • 有很多的路线可以到达大洋路区域和12门徒景区
  • 规划您的行程,多停留一些地方

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