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To build and strengthen the appeal of the Volcanic Lakes & Plains as a visitor destination, the Volcanic Lakes & Plains needs to present a clear and distinctive offering. Every interaction with the consumer builds on their knowledge and emotional connection to the Volcanic Lakes & Plains, which builds their intention to visit. 

This Toolkit has been designed to help your business benefit from the “I AM Volcanic Lakes & Plains” campaign and help the Volcanic Lakes & Plains benefit from your marketing & promotion. It includes assets and information to help you plan paid advertising, use social media, create brochures and promotional material, add to your website, develop promotions and events, and work with other operators. 

The key objective for the region is to build length of stay and yield, and first and foremost this is about ensuring visitors know what the Volcanic Lakes & Plains has to offer. 

Access to Your Image Library


One of our ongoing projects is the development of a large, professional image library. As a GORRT partner you can access these images. These images communicate the essence of the Volcanic Lakes & Plains brand. You can use them wherever you like: on your website, social media, in brochures or advertisements. 

Note: When posting on social media, we always recommend using tags, this way those you tag will see your content and their audiences can find you. Tag us @visitgreatoceanroad to access our social media audience of over 100,000 people.


Volcanic Lakes & Plains Toolkit

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