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Brace Yourself. Unprecedented Change Is Here.


The anticipation of what we are about to endure can be disheartening, and whilst we all have a responsibility to follow the best health advice and limit the spread of this virus, small business, like yours are hurting.  The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact our businesses, with forced closures, restricted travel and conditions changing almost by the hour.

Below you will find some key resources, guides and tools to help your business prepare and survive this challenging time.

Take action now to survive later and focus on what you CAN do at this time to prepare, mitigate risk and manage your way through this challenging time.  Be prepared to bunker down and use this down-time to strategise, plan, cut discretionary spending (where you can) and be ready to go when things clear and we enter our recovery phase.

Know that our team are here to support your business through this and we will work together to survive, recover and thrive on the other side of this.

PLEASE NOTE: As information is changing day by day, we will continue to update these resources as new information arises so please check dates on articles to ensure you are as up to date as possible.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell talks about some of the things small businesses can do now to help their business stay afloat during this difficult time.  Find more of the ASBFEO helpful videos here.

Use Your Downtime To Fuel Your Business’ Success


Don’t let what you can’t do, take away the things you can do for your business.   Yes, the down turn can be disheartening. However there is plenty you can still do to make the most of that your time – that will fuel your business’ success when things return so normal. Our team has curated some helpful resources, so you can be productive with this time – while you have it.

Live Industry Webinars

See what topics are coming up from each and register.


Australian Tourism Export Council


Victorian Tourism Industry Council


 Victorian Chamber of Commerce

Tourism Australia



Doing Business During A Pandemic: Time To Up Your Marketing Game

How To Write A Marketing Plan (Free Template)

Five Digital Marketing Techniques for Powering Through Corona



How To Set Up A Cash Flow Statement

What Financial Support Is Available To Your Business

Create A Budget

Business Planning


Preparing Your Business For Coronavirus

Business Continuity: When Things Don't Go To Plan

My Business Health Tool

Human Resources


7 Ways Employers Can Respond To Calm The Fear Of Covid-19

Employer Support During Covid-19

Keeping Your Staff Employed

Mental Health & Well Being


Healthy Workplaces For Small Businesses

A Message From Lifeline: Mental Wellbeing During Coronaviruse From Lifeline

Looking After Yourself & Getting Perspective

Social Distance… Not Social Isolation


Right now, it’s important who you listen to… and it’s just as important to have someone to talk to.  Join our online community forum to share ideas, ask questions, collaborate and learn, because together we are better.


Share thoughts, ideas, concerns and ask your fellow industry questions. Are you open for business? Offering take-away and home delivery services? Let us and the regional business community know, right here, on this forum.

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